Emmanuelle Landras is a French Art Director and Brand Designer. She began her creative journey by studying Fashion Design & Fine Art in Paris, and in 2013 she made the move to Milan to complete her studies.

Her professional career started in a fashion and design consulting agency, where she specialized in fashion, home, and lifestyle communication. Continuing her adventure in the Milanese work scene, she transitioned into freelancing, establishing a dynamic and stimulating client network. Her clientele included emerging brands like Made for a Woman, Rosso 35, The Moirè, Gavazzeni, as well as industry leaders such as Miu Miu and Mila Schön.

Emmanuelle's passion for books and publishing led her to recently oversee the art direction for the book "Acqua e Oro" by artist Sergio Fiorentino, which was published in April 2023 by Giusto Libri.

Over the years, Emmanuelle has cultivated a discerning eye for brand analysis, enabling her to craft tailored visual languages and creative concepts that unlock the full range of possibilities for brands, both in the online and offline spheres.

For business inquiries, collaborations or questions please get in touch: emma.landras@gmail.com